Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. It gives us all time to pause and reflect on the past year and on the new year that lies ahead. Admittedly, some years are years we will never to forget, while there are others we wish we could erase and redraw in ways we would like to remember. At times we wonder why things turned out the way that they did. We wonder why God the Father allowed someone to be taken away, or why someone entered our life—around the corner we cannot see. But as Christians, we are assured that what He has allowed to take place is for our best (Romans 8:28). It might be required that we have a season of trials or a season of plenty. To us, the trials may be extended beyond measure and only be sprinkled with a dash plenty, yet they are measured precisely and perfectly by Him so we are able to grow to be more like His Son.

Yet, though I know this fact everyday of my life, this time of year everyone in this world is reminded that God sent His Son to earth for us, so that we may know Him (Isaiah 9:6-7). God sent His Son to enter human flesh—to become like us. It is this gift that assures us that He has completed the perfect work required for us to spend eternity with Him. This is what Christmas is all about!

2012 has been a wonderful year for me in so many ways. But the most wonderful thing to happen is He allowed my path to cross with Lisa’s. Who would have ever thought? I did not expect it; I cannot help but ask, “Why me, Lord?” I asked Lisa for her hand this month, and she accepted! Why me, Lord? In His perfect time; in His perfect time for us. Thank you, Lord, but I still must ask, why me? But, I do know why. He brought her into my life and he brought me into her life, so that we are there to help one another grow to be more like His Son.

So, dear brother and sister, know that our Heavenly Father and Creator has already decided our course and that He is a gracious Father that wants only the best for His children. For, He gave His only Begotten Son, so that we may walk in newness of life (Romans 6:4). This is His gift to us, all. This is what Christmas is all about—Christ was sent to earth so we may become more like Him. Merry Christmas to All!